A two sided set with a wall between two performers (a man and a woman).

The audience can see either the man or the woman.

Untill they break the wall and a landscape is born, and space, and…

The piece considers the borders of language, the thought of Witgenstein and the riddle of touch.

How do we touch the bodies, the notions, the bodies of notions?

I was really happy with these videos- the ones I made for this piece-. I had a feeling of discovery-recovery when making them.

Ξανανέβηκε η Παράσταση DAS IST EIN στο θέατρο ΣΦΕΝΔΟΝΗ για τις εκδηλώσεις του ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑ ΑΘΗΝΑ.

‘Das (ist) ein..’


Choreography Mariela Nestora
Costumes Adonis Volanakis
Set where_house (Marilena Sinodinou/Zoe Laggi)
Lighting Sakis Birbilis
Video Alexandros Mistriotis, Louizos Aslanidis
Performers Timos Zehas, Nikoletta Karmiri

Χορογραφία Μαριέλα Νέστορα
Μουσική ILIOS
Κοστούμια Αντώνης Βολανάκης
Σκηνικά where_house -Μαριλένα Συνοδινού, Ζωή Λάγγη
Φωτισμοί Σάκης Μπιρμπίλης
Βίντεο Αλέξανδρος Μιστριώτης, Λουίζος Ασλανίδης
Ερμηνεύουν Τίμος Ζέχας, Νικολέττα Καρμίρη

YELP’s latest creation Das (ist) ein…is inspired by Tractatus Logicophilosophicus by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. This work is the second part of the S series, a trilogy investigating paths of connection between philosophy and the body.
Focusing on the body within a philosophical and a choreographic frame, this work asks questions about dance, its language and pathways of articulating its content. Does thought affect the body, even the still body? How does thought become movement?
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.